I first came to Chi Tau in November of 2020, with someone who is, unfortunately, no longer in our city.  At the time, Chi Tau was just one sim with many “levels” of city – about four sims rolled into one.  I quickly met several people, but with my shy and fairly reserved nature at times, I found it difficult to make connections – much like I do everywhere.

In the beginning, I had every intention of *not* joining the Sorority.  The person that brought me to Chi Tau intended to be in the slums, and I was going to be in the Red Light District.  This intrigued me, and was something I felt I would enjoy.  Over the course of the next couple of months, I attended DJ events, parties, Greedy games and Hellfire nights, trying to find my position, my status, within this city.

In January 2021, Merilee convinced me to pledge to the Sorority.  Honestly, it was the best thing for me in that moment.  It gave me “reasons” to have fun and enjoy myself, and because I’m something of a perfectionist, something to strive for – Graduating.  It wasn’t just about the end game for me though; it was the journey that caused me to stay.

During the past 16 months in Chi Tau, I got to see it grow from one sim to two on March 1, 2021.  Then in September 2021, I saw it grow to three with the addition of the residential sim.  November brought our fourth sim, donated by Trasee – a homestead divided into islands for the City Council.

I was offered a spot as a Student Union Guide by Merilee in 2021.  This helped solidify Chi Tau in becoming my home, because it made me feel seen.  It made me feel appreciated and trusted.  When Merilee offered me a spot on the City Council (administration team) in October 2021, I nearly cried.  It meant that I could give even more to this place that I’ve come to love.  I can help protect it, cherish it, develop it further.

Along the way, I’ve found family.  We don’t always get along.  We have differences of opinion.  We go back and forth like siblings.  In the end though, we’re always there for each other.  I know that I can go to my family, just like I hope they know they can come to me.

My time in Chi Tau hasn’t always been easy, mostly because of my own shortcomings, most of which are getting taken care of.  I’ve considered leaving several times, but I never have.  I’m so glad that I’ve had people to talk me off of that path, to convince me that I am wanted, needed, and loved here.

I hope that everyone finds their family here, their home.  Chi Tau may be designed as an erotic RP city, but we are a community where every single person, no matter their species, sexual identity or preference, can exist.  That is probably one of the biggest draws for me – the acceptance.