When I found Chi Tau, back in October 2019, I was admittedly a bit in a bad mood thanks to a bunch of RL shit, had returned from a longer SL hiatus and was just looking for a quick destraction. I found it through someone’s profile pick (Sadly can’t remember who it was) and was instantly surprised by its open, sunny look. Nothing against the seedy backstreet or rape basement look of most other sex places in SL, but it was a nice change of pace to arrive at a harmless looking city like this while looking for sex.

I ran into one of the sorority sisters really quick and she showed me around. Of course we landed in bed almost immediately. So that was one thing. Of course I returned soon. It definitely seemed like a more fun place to hang out and look for sex, than most other sims these days, where everybody seems AFK 24/7.

But what really impressed me, was the sense of community. At first it was a bit intimidating, like it always is when you enter a new group who is already tightly knit, but everybody was so welcoming and there were so many occasions where you could just hang out and talk with others. I’m not saying that everything in the last almost 2 1/2 years was perfect, but I stopped looking for other places in SL a long time ago and only leave the city to go shopping or be AFK for longer times.

The one moment when I really realized how much we like each other here, was when in the group chat the topic of men, who don’t put much effort into their appearence came up, which triggered a quick rant from me, about how difficult it is to find good looking clothes for men in SL. (Something that sadly still hasn’t changed much, although it got a bit better since then, especially at sales events.) I instantly had a few sisters in my IMs who sent me marketplace links, offered to go shopping with me and assured me that I looked good and don’t have to worry.

In my comparibly short time in Chi Tau, I found a whole bunch of good friends and I still continue to do so. It’s one of the best communities I’ve ever been part of and look forward to be part of it for a long time.