Chi Tau Lend Me Your Ears!

A great many of you want to “help” and we really appreciate that. The best way to help is to simply spend time on sim playing. The key word there is not time but play. 15 minutes of great RP is better than an hour of afk. There are two issues here that seem to need addressing.

AFK is allowed in Chi Tau but certain areas are not for AFK ~ the bus station, the sorority house, Stray Cat, and the streets and sidewalks between those buildings.. Further, long term AFK, (i.e. more than overnight) is not really wanted. Zombies are welcome in Chi Tau if they move and moan and fuck or get fucked. Otherwise, silent immobile living statues are discouraged. If you insist on going afk for longer term, please do it away from high traffic areas. If confused ask an admin or Founder.

As to helping in more concrete ways; there is a Development Team if you have scripting or building skills. This requires joining our Discord. Chi Tau Textures, logos, emblems, crests, etcetera are not public. They are the intellectual property of Chi Tau Management. Please, under no circumstances duplicate the aforementioned for any use without speaking to Founders or Admins first.

Donations are always welcome. They help us do more. There are donation “boxes” in the bus station, at the sorority, and at Stray Cat. That said, if we had to choose between your playing here or donating, we would choose playing.

Thank you for your attention.

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