ATΣ Comes to Chi Tau

The first weekend of 2020 boasts the grand opening of a new chapter of Alpha Tau Sigma (ATΣ). The new House opens it’s doors in Chi Tau City. The Chapter House is a new construction near the University Block in Uptown, on the grounds next to the Hardcore Gym. The land long vacant and undeveloped was purchased by land management company and leased to ATΣ for use as a Fraternity House.

A weekend-long celebration is planned for Saturday, January 4th through Sunday, January 5th. Rides, games, and an Open House are the only things the promoters will admit to. If Chi Tau history is any indicator, there is bound to be lots of sex.

Plans for the Fraternity have been a closely held secret. A spokesperson for the ATΣ has expressed high hopes for the Fraternity’s involvement in Chi Tau, long dominated by the Cum Slut Sorority. Only time will tell how well the girls and boys play together.

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