Thoughts on Roleplay in Chi Tau

A few things have happened recently that made me think about how RP is handled at Chi Tau. I wanted to share my thoughts with all of you.

First is how parties work. Anyone can choose to host a RP party at the sim (coordinating with Admins is necessary to keep things within our scope), but only those hosted by official Chi Tau affiliates (i.e. sisters or admins, and in the future Student Union members) can be counted for the achievements.

Second, if you are going to RP, make sure your RP stays within the limits of what is possible… if you are RPing doing two things at once, one of them may limit how you perform the other (you can have sex while doing something else, but it will keep you from being particularly effective at it).

Third, while it is within a persons rights to RP as an asshole, they should expect there to be repurcussions… both within the RP, and if it creates too much drama on the sim, in OOC as well.

Fourth, if you CHOOSE to RP as an asshole in the “cotton candy sex” areas of the sim, then you are probably making a poor choice and can expect some “drama limitation” to be applied to you. This may be acceptable in the seedier parts of town, but people come to the bright areas to relax and have fun, and if you are RPing an asshole, you are being counterproduyctive.

I don’t like limiting people’s RP choices, but i do have a responsibility to limit drama.

Also, we are “Cum Slut City”… if you come here and have a problem with public sex… well, maybe you shouldn’t come here.

Thank you

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