Day of the Green Man! Sunday June 22

Saturday, June 22nd, 7am to 4pm A celebration of life, summer and the Green as epitomized by Dionysus, Bacchus, and the Green Man. The ancients tell a story of how “with toys the chalk-faced Titans lured the infant Dionysos to Their cave. When He was there, They cut Him into seven pieces, which They put into a pot of milk on a tripod to be boiled. Then they spitted the parts and roasted them in a fire. But before the Titans ate the Child’s flesh, Zeus smelled the roasting meat and came to look. When He discovered the Titanic crime, He incinerated Them with His lightning. From the soot that rose in the air, it is said, humanity was formed. Only one part of Dionysos had not been destroyed: His virile member, the Divine Phallus. Pallas Athena placed it in a basket and took it to Father Zeus, who gave it to the Mother of the Gods (Rhea). Although Dionysos’ flesh was destroyed and his bones were buried at Delphi, Indestructible Life survives through His Phallus.
The rites of Dionysus and Bacchus begin with a procession lead by bearers carrying wine. Behind the wine prances a billy goat. Then a young woman bearing a basket of figs, “that most sexual of fruit.” Close behind her are the Phallophoroi, the Phallus Bearers. In the words of an ancient, We will “dress in a costume: perhaps a Satyr or Silenos, with a huge strapped-on leather phallus or other bodily exuberances, with pointed ears, the tail of a horse or goat, horns, or furry legs. We will touch our Phalli….We will dance lewd dances…..Some men will dress as women and some women as men; all boundaries are crossed. Some will dress as Maenads and Nymphs, the companions of the Satyrs. We will take on the identities of Satyrs and Nymphs; though They are less human than us, They are often much wiser; They are untamed and do not hide Their natural vitality.” “When Dionysos emerges…is the time when the force of Indestructible Life first springs forth, breaking all bonds. At this time we celebrate the breaking of all barriers, the fulfillment of every wish……” Let the Revels begin.
7am – 9am ~ Saturday Semenar Dionysus, Bacchus & The Green Man – the power of sex in the renewal of Life. The mythology surrounding the seasonal cycles and the Summer Solstice. Life, Death, Rebirth through orgy and orgasm. Start the day, and the season, with a bang. 9am – 11am ~ Summer Solstice Celebrate the summer solstice (June 21st) in Dionysian style, with FireCatCassie at the Chi Tau Beach. A giant waterslide (does it get any more phallic than that?), sunshine, music, dancing, and revels. Wear a toga, greek silks, bathing suit, or birthday suit and join the party. 11am – 2pm ~ Dionysian Revelry – The Running of the Sluts Let the Revels begin! Beauty and the Beast. The pursuit, the capture, the fall, and revels. A classic hedonistic orgy. Maenads, satyrs, nymphs, fauns, slyphs, dryads, men and women. A fantastical romp between the Sorority House and the Forest. Be untamed, release your natural vitality, break the barriers, love as thou wilt. A game of tag for any and all. Make haste, chase the one you’ve always wanted and “if you can’t be with the one you love, love the one you’re with!” 2pm – 4pm ~ DJ Tana’s Midsummer Nights’ Dream Even the longest day of the year has a sunset. The summer solstice, midsummer night, the longest day of the year, comes to an end in the forest of the night to the music of DJ Tana. Release your wild thang and celebrate. Don thy togas, silks, or furs. Be ye nymphs, fauns, or satyrs. We’ll raise our glasses and shake our asses!

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