Going AFK in Chi Tau

I have notice lately, it has become quite popular to go afk while standing around in front of the sorority.
I have a couple of problems with this (and a couple solutions). This makes us look like an AFK sim, or at the very least gives a “zombified” impression of the sim.
I support the idea of going AFK on the sim, but please do it responsibly.

Here are a few key points to consider when going afk:
1 – if you are sitting on something, you are less strain on the sim, so park it.
2 – if you have an AFK tipjar, visitors know you are AFK. Why don’t you grab one, they are in the bus station on the back wall. Who knows, you might make a couple Lindens.
3 – if you are all clustered around in front of the sorority we look like an AFK sim… so spread out. Pick a pretty location and park with your tipjar. besides, if there are single girls scattered around the sim, it looks more “populated” rather than just having a cluster of “dots” right at the sorority. it also promotes exploration.

a note on this one, in addition to all the pretty locations you can park, the Cafe on the boardwalk was originally set up and intended as an AFK Cafe, so if you can’t pick a location, just head into the cafe and park there. if enough girls do this regularly, then visitors would know to look there for AFK girls if that’s what they want.

4 – i do promote being AFK when you are on-sim but not active… in fact if you are doing stuff elsewhere and are going to go AFK for a while i would love to have you pop in, grab a tipjar, and do your AFK time here, but do it responsibly.

another interesting note… the light post on the street to the north of the sorority… it used to be on the corner to the south, directly in front of the bus station doors. people would park AFK on it regularly, so the first thing anyone saw when they exited the bus station was an AFK girl, and while i support being AFK, it gave the wrong image of the sim. so, i moved the light pole to where it is today. girls still use it for AFK, and that’s great, but it is no longer the first thing people see when they arrive.

however, the first thing they do see is the front lawn of the sorority. i love that they are typically arriving and seeing a crowd… that is the image we want to project, but when the crowd is all AFK, that kind of short circuits the image.

so, please do continue to congregate on the front lawn, that’s great, but when you go AFK… please wander somewhere less “immediate”, grab a tipjar, and sit. you will be doing the sim a great favor, and providing a service for the visitors that enjoy that as well.

thank you again for listening to my ramblings.


Important Addendum – After much discussion, to support this we have decided to make the following areas “NO-AFK Zones”:
The Bus Station
The Sorority House
The Sorority Front Yard
The Street immediately in front of the sorority
Stray Cat Lounge
The Street immediately in front of Stray Cat

thank you

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