Sorority Hosting

Hi girls, let’s talk about hosting. You know, where you sign up on the board in the bus station then hang around at the sorority greeting people.
I see hosting as a service to the community. You are making yourself available to be helpful to our visitors, and to newer members.
I made hosting a part of the achievements as a way of getting girls to start doing hosting, not as an end in and of itself.
The idea is you start hosting to get your achievements, and to reach senior and graduate, but once you get there, you keep doing. You keep being helpful and being of service to the Chi Tau community.
I urge you to continue doing hosting, even after you reach your achievements. Even if it’s just one hour a week, if more girls sign up on the board, more visitors will know when a host will be on site to answer questions, show them around, and even help pair them up with someone if they want “entertainment”.
Please please, keep hosting whenever you have a spare hour even after you get the achievements. It shows you really want to be part of the Chi Tau community, and it really does help.
Thank you for listening to me


  1. Zeira March 3, 2019

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