The Lag Monster – Continued

Wow, I asked Trasee to write a small blog post to give a heads up and she gives me a novella.
She covered most of the details so if you haven’t yet, read the post immediately prior to this one.
There are a couple things I will expand on though.

We will be performing sim restarts on a daily (or almost daily) basis between 5:00 and 5:30 am SLT to keep the lag at bay… it seems that script run percentages more than double after a restart.
The lag we are fighting is, as Trasee said, script based server side lag… we are not concerned at the moment with things like texture or complexity based lag, those are different, and if necessary will be handled separately.

I’ve learned a lot through this process, but I am by no means an expert, and without the help of Trasee, Catalenya, and Sophie I would not have gotten as far as I have. I haven’t found a single source of script lag, but we have a plan moving forward to alleviate it… unfortunately this also means I don’t get to shop as much… at least not right now.

I will reiterate we are NOT going to be limiting avatar complexity on our sim. I know a lot of sims that do it, and I still debate the effectiveness… but – we are a sex sim that prides itself on the quality of the sluts that are members. We all like being the best sluts we can, and that sometimes requires a lot of complexity, a lot of HUDs and attachments, and sometimes a lot of scripts. I would not want to deprive our girls or our guests of these personal “toys”. Therefore, while I do support you looking at your avie and seeing if there is anywhere you can “slim down”, I will not be setting up script or complexity limits.

We want this place to be fun for you, and we know the script lag has been a problem for the last week or two, so please bear with us while we fight through this and slay the monster.
And always, have fun.


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