House Slaves – some clarification

Seems there has been some confusion on what a house slave is.
“House slaves are sisters that are so proud of their house that they haven given themselves to the house body and soul to serve any and all guests of the house at any time. They are not less a sister than others, in fact they have chosen to give more.”

House slaves will have a dress code, a schedule, a mode of addressing guests, and other than any hard limits will not be allowed to turn down a request of a guest.

House slaves are CONSENSUAL slaves, they are not forced into slavery, they choose it. They will not be “restricted” by the house, any restrictions will be imposed by the guests.

As in real life, a consensual slave gives all their choices to their owner except one, the choice to be a slave. A consensual slave may at any time make the choice to not be a slave, but they will no longer be a slave to the house, they can not become one again later.

If this does not suit your needs for slavery, there will be other options in the city, just not as an official house slave.

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