Upcoming changes to achievements

Trina, the creator of the Its Not Mine cum system changed the way statistics are reported a while back.
Because of this i will be modifying the Its Not Mine sorority achievements to reflect what is reported in-world, removing the need to dig into the more detailed stats available from her web page.

This may result in there being a few less achievements overall, but will make it easier to track what you have accomplished.

Also, as some of you have already heard, we will be working on creating our own Cum Addiction system, in direct competition to Spunklovers and others. When we actually have a product to use, i will be replacing the Spunklovers achievements with our own.

And finally, i will be creating achievements for men to do in order to become VIP members. There will be 20 achievements, and they will need to complete all 20 (verifiable by sorority sisters) to be given the VIP (Feeder) tag.
There will be a second way to become a VIP, but you need to be a sorority sister to know what that is. I will be posting that method in the Sorority Sisters group here on the blog.

Remember, we do this to have fun, so… have fun.

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