Trasee’s Dream

Ancilla shared her dream and her vision, so I thought I would use this time to share my own dream and vision.

For almost as long as I’ve been on the Internet, I’ve dreamed of creating places that people can come to, enjoy, and have fun. For several years, I had a forum that had a core group of members. I paid for the domain and the hosting. It was quite active for many years, until life pulled the regular members away and new members weren’t joining or staying around long enough.

After getting my first home in Second Life, on a small 512m parcel, I always enjoyed sharing that place with others. It wasn’t so much “my place” as a place that I could meet friends at. We could chat, dance, play games, or have sex. That vision continued to grow, and with it, the size of the land I would purchase. The vision behind it, though, always remained the same. I wanted a place that people could enjoy. I always kept a small piece private for myself, but the rest was always intended for everyone to enjoy. At one point, I thought a club might be the way to go, so Stray Catz Club was created. At the time, I wasn’t able to stream music, so I was hoping to get DJs to help out. Needless to say, that club never really got off the ground, and was only used for private parties. It was still fun and was enjoyed.

In June of 2016, I was renting a homestead, and with the aid of my Mistress and Wife, Lola Darkwolf, we started Darkwolf Lounge. At that time, I had learned how to stream music so that I could DJ my own sets. Saturdays from 2pm – 4pm was selected as the time for the events, so my Mistress would be able to attend as well. The dream, even then, was to have the Lounge be a place where people could come and enjoy, even when no event was happening. The whole homestead was designed to that effect, with only one small corner of the sim for our private home. We had a few regulars at the club and one or two people that came to the sim, but it was always fairly small. Despite that, it made me happy to know it was still being enjoyed.

Then I decided to upgrade my homestead to a full region. It was something I’d been wanting to do ever since my first small parcel, and the dream was now in reach. I knew I could afford it on my own, but felt it would be better if I was able to get help. With that in mind, I shared my dream with Rose and Ancilla. I dreamed of helping the Sorority grow out into a new city. That city would have the Sorority and the Lounge as the central points, and the RP would extend beyond into all parts of the city. A mix of urban, sci-fi, and fantasy, where anything goes, and everyone was welcome. Whether they were human or furry, angel or demon, robot or beast, no one would get turned away. People could come, start their own stories and see them come to life. Whether it was a simple story, or one that would be considered dark and depraved, no story was off limits to those who wanted to delve into them.

In my dreams, I never knew what form our city would finally take, but it has gone far beyond even my wildest dreams, and I have Ancilla to thank for it. She has done a majority of work on the sim, and her ideas are wonderful. Wander around, and you’ll see her love in everything here. Yes, I helped with a lot of it as well, and have my own ideas and designs scattered throughout the city, but when you look at the city, look at it as a place that we built so that you can enjoy. Bring your friends. Come to the events. Start your own stores. Bring us your ideas. We love this city, and we love the people who come here. My dream is that we continue to grow, not for the sake of numbers, but for the sake of the enjoyment of the citizens of our beloved city.


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