Ancilla’s Dream

When i first envisioned the sorority, i pictured the ultimate male wet dream of what a sorority would be. Beautiful girls always hanging around the house, always in cute skimpy clothes, always horny and eager to fuck.

Then we built a city around it and i kind of got distracted from my dream. I got busy building and designing and envisioning a bigger dream (which i’ll get to in a bit).

Well, while i was busy building, my sorority continued on, and a lot of wonderful girls have joined and started hanging around, and it has proceeded toward my dream without me.

I think it’s time to push my dream a little harder.

If you are a sorority sister, i urge you to please… if you are not busy doing something else, just hang around the house looking sexy. If a male visitor arrives, throw yourself at him and show him how horny sorority girls always are. Help me build the reputation that this is a place a guy can come to and know there will always be girls here, available and eager to fuck. Don’t let there be an empty house to greet him, please! Let visitors know that If the house IS empty, they can use the sorority hotline to page the girls, and if you see the page PLEASE run to the sorority and entertain our guests!

We have made it a long way towards my dream, but i need your help to get the rest of the way. Please, please make the sorority your home away from home (or even make it your home!) and help me build a reputation as the wet dream the sorority was meant to be.

As for the city that distracted me, well it’s an extension of my dream. I see it much the same way as the sorority, but with more structure for roleplay. There are many settings and environments you can use to set up ongoing themes/characters/storylines.

There is always the university to go to classes, and the library for studying. There are various businesses, stores, and restaurants you can “work” at, or just stop by to shop or grab a bite to eat. Maybe just grab a coffee on the way to class.

There are dorms for the sorority girls to rent and make their home. Maybe you have your boyfriends over for a visit, or throw a party in your dorm. There are also apartments and townhouses to rent.

And that’s just uptown. In the lower part of town there is a full red light district where a girl can “work” to make a little extra cash for school supplies. There’s a brothel, a strip bar, Amsterdam style vitrines, all perfect for a “working girl”. Stop in the sex shop for some toys or the cum shop for “supplies”. Grab a bite at the waffle house, or get a job as a waitress there.

There are slums with various “crack houses” and other abandoned buildings, including a public restroom for “dirtier” play. Be careful down here as there is no police presence whatsoever and who knows what might happen.

There is a trailer park for girls to rent when they want to “work” for a day or two (i think Merilee has moved in permanently).

Old town is a little more mysterious, no one really knows what goes on down there, and strange things have been seen wandering around. There are rumours of slave trafficking and cults in that area too.

Speaking of trafficking, there is a dock just past the boardwalk, and there are rumours of both drug and human trafficking over there. There is also a cheap motel across the street that rents rooms by the hour. Good for a working girl looking to make a few extra bucks.

And don’t forget Darkwolf Lounge, the premiere nightclub of the city. Hang around and dance, grab a drink in the bar, attend the social events, entertain in the back rooms.

What i’m saying through all this is please, hang out, make the sorority and the city your home (or at least home away form home). Do some exploring and see what you can find (there really is a lot of hidden stuff to find too). Start an ongoing story and pull people into it. There are no real rules except to respect the sim, each other, and the immersion we try to build, so go crazy and get something fun started. You don’t have to check with me first, just start something (although i really do love to hear about it and if possible join in as well).

There, i’ve said my piece and made my plea. Now, please help me make this place awesome, and make people want to come here.

I really do love you all and my dream could never be made real without you… make me proud!


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