Sorority Tip Jars – reminders and changes

Due to pressure from several of the girls, I am making some changes to the sorority tipjars.

The white tipjars – which are for normal use when you are NOT AFK, have had the “gacha” removed so it no longer auto logs you out if you miss a question.  They have also had a 10% cut added for the sim.

The red tipjars – which are for whoring only.  These have also had the gacha removed, and have had a 5% cut for the sim added.  Use these only when you are actively prostituting… they are not for normal tips.  If you have a red tipjar you should be getting paid for sex… before you put out.

The pink tipjars have not changed.  They are for when you are AFK.  There is no gacha, and they take 20% for the sim.

Thank you.

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