Sorority Events and Public Cumdumps

So I had an idea to try to attract more guys to events at the sorority.

Whenever possible, I am going to have a “designated public cumdump” at the event.

What this means is that one girl will volunteer to be the cumdump for the event.  She will be locked onto an RLV device for the event and be available for any guests to use during the event.

The only requirements for the cumdump is that she NOT be AFK for any significant amount of time (announce in chat if you need to be at all), and that they emote in local chat when they are used.

And of course, take the cum of anyone who chooses to use her during the event.

This Thursday’s event “DJ Trasee at the sorority house” (7/12/2018) already has a volunteer, but if you would like to be the designated cumdump at any future events, let me know and we’ll get you set up!


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